Ana Laura Quintana is an argentine interior designer who loves to materialize the pieces that she designs. Learning to restore antiques, she came across the glass, and since then is her way of expression.

   She started making glass lampshades an leaded panels, but in the last years she realized that to work the glass in the kiln making sculptural pieces, is what she loves most. She learned several kiln glass techniques, from national and international talented glass artists, finding in the end that pâte de verre is her favorite one,  because of its sculptural possibilities and the exact colour placement. She enjoys experimenting with this technique trying to find different ways from the traditional one.

   Her works are mostly designed using curving lines, round forms, spheres, that connect us with nature, give the sensation of being contained, offer safety, suggest love and harmony. All these feelings are what she wishes for this planet. Its blue part is what inspires her most, sets her imagination free, since there is so much to discover and understand there.