Ana Laura Quintana is an argentine interior designer who loves to materialize the pieces that she designs. Learning to restore antiques, she came across the glass, and since then is her way of expression.

   Pâte de verre is her favorite kiln glass technique, because of its sculptural possibilities and the exact colour placement. But most of all because she likes to experiment with this technique trying to find different ways from the traditional one.

   Nowadays she creates pâte de verre vessels that are made as if she where working with a cloth. The result are very delicate pieces that have the spontaneity of a moment which is given by the natural forms and folds. They can also float and produce harmonious sounds when they hit to each other.

   Her works are mostly designed using curving lines, round forms, spheres, that connect us with nature, give the sensation of being contained, offer safety, suggest love and harmony. 

   You can see her works exhibited at the Ishikawa Design Center, Kanazawa, Japan; Sofia,Bulgaria; Pyramid Gallery, York, UK; Hejian China.